2018 Tax Outlook for R&G Brenner Clients

Dear R&G Brenner Clients,

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “the only thing certain in life is death & taxes”.  Well this year it would be more appropriate to say “the only thing certain in life, is uncertainty about your taxes”. Congress just passed a $1.5 TRILLION tax bill that is causing confusion & anxiety; especially for residents of New York, California, New Jersey, Connecticut & other residents of states with high state & local income tax. The Health Care law is in limbo, but the IRS is still enforcing the penalty for not having health care. And identity theft is spreading at an alarming rate; $16 BILLION was stolen from 15.4 MILLION U.S. consumers last year! We’re approaching this tax season as we approached the last few years.  In other words, R&G Brenner has anticipated these types of tax related S.N.A.F.U.s and we are prepared to combat any refund delays as well as the extreme rise of identity theft with the following new products & promotions*:

Get Up to a $2,500 Refund Advance…TODAY!
$2,500 is twice the refund advance amount that we offered last year.  The IRS just announced that taxpayers claiming EITC & Child Tax Credit will have to wait until March to get their refund through regular filing!  Don’t worry, come in today and qualified applicants can walk out with up to a $2,500 advance on your refund.   We’ve already issued almost $100,000 in refund advances; get yours today!

Get up to $300 Cash “Early Bird Special”
With R&G Brenner’s client loyalty program, get up to an additional $300 SAME DAY cash advance when you file with R&G Brenner before 2/15/18.  No interest & No Fees! Approved applicants are required to file their tax return as a Refund Transfer*.

RGB Shield
Identity theft–especially concerning taxes & the IRS--is an ever increasing problem affecting millions of taxpayers each year. For only $65, get 1 year of identity theft protection at a 50% discount ($120 retail) and also receive FREE Audit protection. This includes protection for any penalties, interest & unpaid tax liability up to $2,500 for 3 years!  This is a special offer only for our clients. Protect yourself and your family with RGB Shield.

$50 CASH per Referral: Last year we paid out over $100,000 to clients just like you.  For every new client you refer, you get $50 CASH! Remember: There is no limit to how many clients you can refer. Taxes may never be fun, but they are rewarding with R&G Brenner. Click here to start referring and earning cash.

All R&G Brenner offices are open and ready to assist you.  If you’d like to discuss any tax related matter—or would like to set up an early meeting to discuss your taxes—just click the “book appointment” button below or feel free to call us toll free at (888) APRIL-15.  I wish you and your family a very happy new year and we hope to see you soon.

Very Truly Yours,

Benjamin K. Brenner
R&G Brenner Income Tax

Professional Tax Preparers Wanted

R&G Brenner is seeking experienced professional tax preparers & tax practice partnerships for the 2018 tax season. Full & part time positions available in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Long Island.

Competitive commission & bonus structures available.  Tax professionals looking to partnership/sell their tax practices are given priority.

All applicants must have:

  • Current IRS PTIN number
  • Current NY State Registration number
  • Required NY State Annual Continuing Educations (CE) Credits Hours

If you have any questions or would like to apply for a position, please contact & send your resume to rgbjobs@rgbrenner.com or call us toll free at (888) APRIL-15.  Hurry, limited number of positions available.

Since 1941, R&G Brenner has been a family business serving the NY metro area.  We currently operate 30 privately owned retail tax office locations. We are not a franchise.

R&G Brenner Extended Off-Season Hours

R&G Brenner Off-Season Hours Extended
R&G Brenner Off-Season Hours Extended

In order to better accommodate our clients, R&G Brenner is adjusting business hours for offices open during the off-season.  During this time (after April 19th), R&G Brenner offices will be open at least from 10am-6pm with some offices staying open even later. We hope this will be a convenience for clients who work normal business hours. Furthermore, R&G Brenner is keeping more branch offices open with regular business hours than ever before.  The following locations will be open throughout the “off-season” (click on the office for corresponding off-season schedule):

At R&G Brenner we continually strive to accommodate our clients.  We hope this small but significant change will be a convenience to all.

R&G Brenner Tax Return “Cloud” Upgrade & Improvements

RGB Has Updated & Improved Its Cloud
RGB Has Updated & Improved Its Cloud

For Immediate Release:

R&G Brenner is happy to announce we are updating and improving the “RGB Cloud”; our proprietary secure online tax return storage system.  We’ve taken many suggestions from our clients, but we hope the biggest improvement is a general overall ease of use and updated streamlined design.

Because we are dealing with older technology, we must completely take our old RGB Cloud server off-line while we transfer old tax returns to the new server, install updates and perform tests. Therefore we expect our cloud system to be off-line for about 1 week until the new server is installed & tested.

If you have an account or require access to your tax return(s) online, please contact our Customer Service Manager Lisette Campos at lcampos@rgbrenner.com or directly by phone: (516) 812-0771.  Lissette will assist you in retrieving your tax returns in a timely manner while our systems are being updated.

We apologize in advance for any potential inconvenience this may cause.  We hope that our new system will more than make up for it.

Thank you,

Benjamin K. Brenner
(888) APRIL-15

Street Promoters Wanted

Join R&G Brenner's Street Team Today!
Join R&G Brenner’s Street Team Today!

R&G Brenner is looking for hardworking, outgoing & reliable street promoters to market our company’s current promotions.  Job starts immediately & entails distributing flyers, door hangers and other R&G Brenner materials to generate new business.

Compensation is hourly with additional $5 bonus for each new client generated. Students & Interns are welcome.  Apply asap by contacting K.R. Uregar, Director of Marketing at kuregar@rgbrenner.com.  

Hurry! Limited full & part time positions available in the following areas:

  • Manhattan

    • Lower East Side
    • Midtown
    • Harlem
  • Brooklyn

    • Downtown Brooklyn
    • Bayridge
    • Bensonhurst
    • East New York
  • Bronx

    • Mott Haven
    • East Tremont
    • Fordham
    • Jerome
  • Queens

    • Bayside
    • Astoria
    • Middle Village
  • Nassau County

    • Bethpage
    • Hempstead
    • Valley Stream
    • Elmont
    • Long Beach
    • Massapequa
  • Suffolk County

    • Babylon
    • Huntington
    • Selden
    • West Sayville
  • Westchester County

    • Mount Vernon
    • Yorktown Heights (Jefferson Valley Mall)
  • Rockland County

    • Spring Valley

Tax Season Begins; R&G Brenner Promotions Extended

Don't File By Hand, Electronically File with R&G Brenner
Don’t File By Hand, Electronically File with R&G Brenner!

The 2016 tax season has officially begun as the IRS is currently accepting tax returns for electronic filing. Many employers are mailing their wage documents earlier and/or are offering ways for employees to download their documents.  As such, we are seeing a noticeable increase in client volume at many of our R&G Brenner offices.  If you’d like to make an appointment for an early appointment, we ask that you do so as soon as you are able so we can accommodate your preferred meeting dates & times.

Furthermore, R&G Brenner is offering a slew of new products and promotions.  They have been so popular, we have already extended the deadlines for some.  Our current promotions are*:

  • $100 Cash Early Bird Special: Come to any participating R&G Brenner office, and all qualifying applicants can walk out with $100 Cash as an advance on their refund.  No Fees or Interest Apply!
  • $750 “Easy Advance” Refund Advance: Qualifying applicants who file their return as a Refund Anticipation Check (RAC) can also get a larger no-fee, no-interest $750 advance on their refund from our bank provider: Republic Bank & Trust.
  • $50 CASH For Referrals: We’ve updated our Client Rewards this year by more than doubling our cash payments for new clients referred to R&G Brenner: We will pay you $50 Cash for every new client your refer!  Plus, your cash will be available as soon as your referral files their taxes with us. There is no limit to the amount of Cash you can earn!  Click here for more info.
  • FREE Secure File Transfer: Due to the explosion of identity theft as it relates to the IRS and filing taxes, all R&G Brenner professionals are now equipped with Dropbox accounts to securely receive confidential tax information.  Click here for more info.

R&G Brenner offices are all currently opened and staffed with highly trained CPAs, EAs, RTRPs & other professionals.  If you have any questions about the above promotions, any R&G Brenner service and/or have tax related questions, please feel free to contact us.  Have a very happy & profitable New Year!

*All promotions have individual rules, qualifications & restrictions.  Click here for a list of all our promotions and click on the individual promotion for all related rules.

R&G Brenner Launches Insurance Division

RGB Lauches Insurance Divison

Yasmin D. Brenner has been tapped to lead R&G Brenner’s newly created Insurance division.  The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is now in effect, which means that every citizen must have health insurance which meets a minimum standard of coverage by March 31st, 2014 or be assessed a monetary penalty (this penalty can grow to over $2000 per family by 2016!).

R&G Brenner is offering it’s clients a free consultation for those that either need Health Insurance or would like to explore alternatives to reduce their health care costs.  If you’d like more information about our new Insurance Division, please click here, or contact us directly at healthcare@rgbrenner.com to schedule your appointment & free consultation today.


Due to destruction that Sandy left in it’s wake, the majority of R&G Brenner’s telecommunications, electricity & IT have been crippled.  There is no telling how long it will take to restore all utilities as 90% of Long Island (where our executive headquarters is located) is without power.  Fortunately, our website and our email server are still operational.  If you need to get in contact with us, please do so by clicking here.

We are working to get our Midtown Manhattan office up and running on all backup systems hopefully by 9am November 1st.  Until all utilities are restored, we will be directing all inquires to this office.  Please understand that the tunnels and public transportation in New York City are still days if not weeks away from returning to full staff & service.  Therefore, while we will do our best to accommodate all clients, it may take longer than usual to fulfill all requests as we will be working with a bare-bones staff. 


Benjamin K. Brenner, President

R&G Brenner & SKYPE Team Up!

SKYPE + R&G Brenner = Taxes Done Easy!

R&G Brenner’s own Dennis Grogan, EA was recently interviewed by SKYPE when they discovered we were using their platform to conduct remote tax interviews with our domestic and International tax clients.  As the IRS, States and taxpayers become more technolgocially savvy, video conferencing has been a way for both our clients and our tax consultants to save time and increase accuracy in preparing tax returns. At R&G Brenner, saving you time and money is what we are all about!  Thus, we are happy to embrace this trend and we see these types of remote tax interviews increasing exponentially in the future.  Here’s what SKYPE had to say:

We’re always interested in learning about new ways Skype is being used in the day-to-day business world. While we’ve heard many great Skype for business use stories from companies in a variety of industries around the globe, even we still occasionally get surprised.

Recently, we were intrigued to read that some tax consultants are making the filing process easier for current and potential clients by using Skype to conduct remote tax-preparation sessions. Although we’ve heard from professionals using Skype previously, post-tax season this year it appears to be emerging as an industry trend.

R&G Brenner Income Tax Consultants, a New York-based tax consultancy, uses Skype to connect with clients for remote and overseas appointments. Dennis Grogan, an Enrolled Agent and self-proclaimed ‘oldest trend setter’ at the firm, said he does a lot of remote consultations for clients both domestically and outside of the U.S.

“With our international customers especially, it’s actually an expectation for them that we use Skype, as it’s already a comfortable part of their day-to-day business,” he said. “Skype is very easy to use, and since our international customers often have the most difficult taxes to file it helps simplify the process.”

Several of the largest tax preparation service providers now offer video conferencing as a way to connect with their customers. Mark Ciaramitataro, vice president of products at H&R Block, recently told Investors Business Daily that the company “sees videoconferencing as a good way to engage technically savvy taxpayers,” and predicts that “in two years, videoconferencing will be a common way that individuals file their taxes.”

If you are interested in connecting to an R&G Brenner professional via SKYPE, click here to schedule a video conference appointment today!

Original Article: SKYPE Workplace Blog

R&G Brenner Voted Best Tax Prep. Service In Long Beach

RGB's Long Beach Branch

So you have to prepare your taxes? Long Beachers have some opinions on where they think you should take your W-2 forms locally?

In our vote to decide who is the best tax consultant in Long Beach…And the winner is: R&G Brenner Income Tax Preparation Services.

Receiving 60 percent of the votes in the contest, R&G Brenner is a New York-based chain that has specialized in tax preparation since 1941. The business offers tax consultation service, auditing, corporation setup and dissolution and more. During the tax off-season, call for an appointment.

Schedule your appointment today with an R&G Brenner professional