Go Green With RGB CLOUD

RGB Has Updated & Improved Its Cloud
RGB Has Updated & Improved Its Cloud

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint, Save Over 200 Trees!

R&G Brenner consumes over 2,000,000 pieces of paper annually for the printing and processing of our client’s tax returns.  We’ve discovered that many taxpayers either discard or misplace their copies before they actually need them.  Then, reprint requests lead to an additional taxpayer expense and even more paper waste. R&G Brenner has created a solution to all of these problems. Here are the many benefits of going “GREEN” with the “RGB CLOUD” program*:

  • Save trees and reduce plastic, electric, toner & fuel consumption.
  • Never lose or pay a fee for your tax return copies again.
  • Consolidate all of your tax information in one place.
  • Access your tax data from our HTTPS SECURE ON SITE server anywhere (the same file protection Online Banking & Credit Card companies use).
  • Download or print your tax copies at your leisure, as many times as you’d like.

Contact us today to learn more and Go Green with R&G Brenner.

*Conditions: All R&G Brenner (RGB) clients must have zero previous and/or current balance dues owed to R&G Brenner in order to qualify for “RGB Cloud”. All RGB Clients are automatically enrolled into “RGB Cloud” Program for 18 months from the date of their last paid-in-full R&G Brenner receipt for income tax preparation. If client does not return to R&G Brenner within 18 months of last paid-in-full receipt, and/or has any current or previous balance dues owed to RGB, Client’s RGB Cloud account will be deactivated for Client’s protection or until all balances are paid. Reactivation fees may apply. Every client (or couple if married filed jointly) is entitled to one (1) free paper client copy of their tax return(s) once they are completed for filing. Additional fees may apply for additional paper copies.