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Let R&G Brenner Reduce Your Tax Burden

Have you recently:

  • Gotten married?
  • Taken on More Responsibilities?
  • Received a Large Sum of Money?
  • Been Promoted, Switched or Have Multiple Jobs?
  • Moved, Sold, Purchased a Home or Property?
  • Had Children?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, time is most likely becoming a limited & valuable commodity.  R&G Brenner can help you reclaim some of that valuable time and simultaneously provide you with affordable & professional tax services.

Why R&G Brenner?

Here’s something that many tax practitioners & firms won’t tell you:  If you have a basic & straight forward income tax return, you can probably prepare it yourself. We can & will gladly assist you, but we understand there are many free & low-cost options available for those with simple returns. However, as one matures and progresses up the professional food-chain, taxes quickly become more complex and the risk of paying too much in income tax, not claiming all the deductions you are entitled to or just preparing a return incorrectly increases exponentially…especially if you are preparing your own tax returns or using an under-qualified tax preparer.

For 79 years, R&G Brenner has helped clients all around the globe to ensure that our client’s well-deserved money stays in their pockets where it belongs.  Providing professional & affordable services has always been R&G Brenner’s philosophy.

R&G Brenner is privately owned; we don’t need to worry about catering to shareholders or the price of a stock. We only concentrate on providing our clients with the best possible products & services.  Unlike other tax mega-corporations, you will never find yourself in front of a 6-week basic tax course trainee.  R&G Brenner only hires qualified & experienced tax professionals who must pass a rigorous taxation exam, and have at least 2 years “real world” experience preparing income tax returns.

What Can R&G Brenner Do For Me?

Income tax clown
Don’t Clown Around With Your Taxes! R&G Brenner: No Gimmicks, No Costumes. Only Professional Services at Affordable Prices.

We believe that your tax return is your most important annual financial document. Your taxes are serious business, and they should be treated seriously. R&G Brenner representatives do not need to resort to dressing up in costumes or other gimmicks to attract business. At R&G Brenner we need only to point to our knowledge, experience, longevity in business, superior customer service & unmatched value added services. You can rest assured that your R&G Brenner R.T.R.P., A.F.S.P., Enrolled Agent, C.P.A. or credentialed tax professional will have all the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle your specific personal or business tax situation.

We strive to make our professional services affordable no matter what tax bracket you are in. Whether in our professional retail offices or remotely via our mobile TaxApp, we make taxes easy.  Plus, we offer some of the best promotions in the business including a $149 introductory offer for new clients, up to a $6,000 Easy Advance and $50 cash for every new referral to R&G Brenner when you enroll in our Client Rewards Program. Regardless of which current promotion you choose we always offer a FREE estimate and review of your previously filed tax returns; frequently we find mistakes or omissions and can amend your tax returns to get you back additional refund money.  Taxes may never be fun or stimulating and that’s just the way we like it. R&G Brenner will to minimize the “excitement” of the tax process in order to maximize your rewards and to reclaim your time.

We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to prove to you why R&G Brenner will be the last tax firm you’ll ever need.  Since 1941, we have prepared millions of personal tax returns as well as all types of corporate, partnership, estate, gift and business tax returns. Check our office listings and schedule an appointment today! Or simply call us toll-free at (888) APRIL-15, and we will be happy to assist you.


Benjamin K. Brenner, President

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