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R&G Brenner Is As Close To You As Your Computer or Mobile Device

R&G Brenner has prepared millions of tax returns for thousands of clients not only in the United States, but all around the globe.

If you are moving to a new residence in or out of state, or even to a different country, R&G Brenner can seamlessly continue to provide you with the same quality service you’ve grown accustom to. Likewise, if you are considering working with R&G Brenner for the first time, and can not physically come to one of our offices, no problem! In today’s e-business, your physical location is no longer a barrier to superior service.

When You Move, Take R&G Brenner With You!

We can assist you remotely from the comfort of your home or office in one or more of following ways:

  • Secure File Transfer: More & more R&G Brenner clients prefer the convenience of communicating with there tax professional via email. However, the web is a dangerous place for sensitive & private information.  In response to the explosion of identity theft in the tax industry, R&G Brenner has teamed up with Dropbox so our clients & professionals can safely and securely send & receive information to each other.  This makes for a clear, smooth and streamlined tax return process.
  • Video Conference: Many of our offices are equipped with web cameras & SKYPE for clients who still prefer to virtually “meet” with a live human being. All tax issues can be discussed in real time and meetings are conducted like any other normal appointment. Setup your video conference appointment.
  • Phone, Fax & “Snail Mail”: Some of our clients prefer the comfort & security of the old fashioned ways of doing business. All of our offices are equipped with fax machines for those that are less technologically equipped and/or for those that simply prefer this mode of communication. Call us today: (888) APRIL-15

Serving Clients Everywhere Since 1941

To get an idea of the geographic locations we service, check out our interactive map:

R&G Brenner Client Map
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