RGB Shield Identity & Audit Protection

Get 1 Year of Identity Theft Protection & FREE 3 Years of Audit Protection with RGB Shield!

Last year, identity theft claimed $16 BILLON dollars from more than 15.4 Million U.S. consumers.  A favored target is the IRS.  In 2015, nearly 700,000 taxpayers had their refunds stolen or misappropriated.  Last year, the IRS blocked 1.2 million fraudulent refund requests totaling $1.2 Billion…and these are just the ones they were able to stop.  Furthermore, the IRS was forced to cancel a contract with Equifax when it was revealed a major breach exposed the confidential information of over 145 million Americans.

Any way you slice it, identity theft is a major problem for U.S. taxpayers.  The actual money that is stollen is usually the least of the victim’s worries.  It could take months or years to repair the damage to credit ratings; and sometimes the damage is permanent.  This can be devastating for individuals & businesses who need and rely on debt/credit to run their lives & business.  R&G Brenner has the solution.

Introducing RGB Shield; a special offer just for R&G Brenner clients.  For only $65, you will receive the following:

  • 1 Full Year of Identity Theft Protection*
  • FREE Audit Protection for 3 Years Including*:
    • Coverage up to $2,500 in Penalties, Interest & Tax Liability
    • Tax Credit & Form Denial Assistance
    • IRS Identity Theft Assistance

Don’t miss out on this great promotion.  To apply for or receive more information about RGB Shield; simply ask any R&G Brenner tax professional.  Or feel free to call us toll-free at (888) APRIL-15 and we’d be happy to assist you.  Protecting yourself and your family is more important than ever in this increasing digital age we now live in.

*RGB Shield is offered through Protection Plus.  Subject to the terms, conditions limitation and exclusions outlined in the Tax Reimbursement Program Terms and Conditions.  An Insurance policy has been issued to the participating tax preparers backing this guarantee and the designated administrator will reimburse taxpayers on behalf of the tax preparer.  Protection Plus Audit Assistance includes: relief from IRS audit or inquiry headaches, tax credit and form assistance, IRS identity theft assistance, $2,500 reimbursement guarantee, tax debt relief.  Protection Plus covers taxpayer’s current tax year tax return for 3 full years from the date of purchase.  Upon notification of an identity theft incident, Protection Plus Identity Theft Restoration Services Privacy Advocates will: consult with members to determine severity of the theft, prepare and overnight a customized pre-completed state specific “ID Recovery Kit™”, contact all three credit reporting agencies and obtain a free credit report, place fraud alerts on member’s credit records and obtain a list of creditors involved with the fraud, notify the appropriate bank or agency if other forms of identification (such as ATM card, driver license, social security card, or passport) were stolen or are missing, so that appropriate action can be taken and new forms issued, notify local authorities of the incident and help members obtain necessary reports, assist with interpreting credit reports, provide daily credit monitoring from all three bureaus for six months to help prevent any further fraud. Protection Plus assists taxpayers in the event that the IRS holds a taxpayer’s return for Identity Theft for any of the following reasons: Duplicate SSN previously filed, preparation office redirection of funds, stolen refund check.  Protection Plus will assist Members who experience problems in filing their tax return due to a suspected identity theft incident in the following ways: Interact with the IRS on taxpayer’s behalf, assist in completing all required paperwork to be submitted to the IRS, assist in getting taxpayers tax return successfully filed, assist in obtaining an IRS Identity Protection PIN to prevent a future event.