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How to Know If You Need a Tax Pro

Tax time is one of the most stressful times of year for everyone. Besides worrying about possibly owing even more than you’ve already paid, there’s always the question of figuring out exactly how you’re going to get your taxes filed.

Aside from a few whiz kids, I don’t know very many people who feel comfortable doing their own taxes from scratch. Some depend on a personal accountant, some depend on a calculator-savvy friend, and some just walk into the nearest H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt or R&G Brenner with an envelope stuffed full of receipts and a look on their face that says, “HELP ME!” Continue reading.

NY Delays All Refunds Until April 1st

The income tax refund checks will be in the mail, but with a two-and-a-half week delay.

Gov. David Paterson has temporarily halted income tax refund checks, with the last batch going out March 12 and no more scheduled to be sent until April 1.

“We paid all the way up until we hit $1.25 billion (in refunds)” Budget Director Robert Megna said Tuesday, explaining approximately $500 million is being delayed in order to get the state through the cash flow crunch that comes every March and is particularly bad this year. Continue reading.

IRS Audits More Wealthy Americans

The Internal Revenue Service is intensifying its scrutiny of wealthy Americans.

The federal agency increased its audits of taxpayers who earned $1 million to $5 million by 33 percent last year compared with 2008, new I.R.S. figures show.

The numbers, released late Thursday in the agency’s 2009 annual data book, also show that the I.R.S. increased its audits by 16 percent for those earning $5 million to $10 million last year. Audits of those who made at least $10 million rose by 8.5 percent, according to the data.

The figures are the strongest evidence yet that the agency is honoring a vow by the I.R.S. commissioner, Douglas H. Shulman, to increase scrutiny of wealthy taxpayers. Continue reading.

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