How to Choose a Tax Preparer

Most individuals are not aware that they are responsible for all the information on their tax return, regardless of whether or not they hired a tax preparer. This is why hiring a reliable, trustworthy preparer is of the utmost importance. If you choose to go with an individual, a local company, or even one of the popular tax preparers like R&G Brenner, there are certain tips that the IRS advises taxpayers to keep in mind in order to choose wisely and avoid costly mistakes.

You should be sure that your preparer fills out the proper sections of the tax form. New York Tax Preparers are required to have identifying numbers, sign the tax returns, and provide the taxpayer with a copy of their tax returns.

Taxpayers should never send their tax forms to the IRS and State(s) without reviewing them first. Even a small mistake such as a typo in one’s name, address, or social security number can cause your tax return to be rejected and/or delayed. Please check your tax returns for these types of errors before signing.  Never, under any circumstances, sign a blank or incomplete return and always ask questions for items or deductions you do no understand.

Above all, exercise common sense and good judgment when hiring a tax preparer.  Be wary of flashy advertising gimmicks that claim a preparer can earn you a larger refund than others.  Also, under no circumstances may the fee charged be related to the size of your refund. Be aware of who is preparing your taxes and be sure that paid tax consultant is the preparer who actually signed your tax return.   Furthermore, be sure to inquire if your paid tax consultant will be able to represent you in front of the IRS in the event of an audit, or even better, if they have a designated “Audit Department” staffed with qualified representatives.

It is also vital that you check to see if the preparer or firm you are using or planning to use has had complaints filed with the Better Buisness Bureau, the IRS Office of Professional responsibility, and the state’s board of CPA accountancy. If the individual or firm does have negative complaints, take this under consideration before you decide to use that person or company.  R&G Brenner tries to satisfy every one of it’s clients, but sometimes that is not possible. However, we strive to resolve all complaints fairly and as quickly as possibly. The IRS’ website,, also maintains a list of popular tax schemes and companies and individual preparers who have been known to receive complaints.

Choosing a tax preparer should a matter that is not taken lightly. Take the time to do some research and hire a reputable company that can help you out come tax time.