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Brenner Family Photo

Betty Brenner, Robert M. Brenner, David S. Brenner  (circa 1955)

Founded in 1941 by David S. Brenner C.P.A., and his wife Betty, R&G Brenner Income Tax has invariably been owned and operated by the Brenner family.  Originally doing business as the Tax Center, R&G Brenner sparked the evolution of the accounting industry; being one of the first firms to focus primarily on income tax preparation.

Over the years, we have prepared millions of personal and business tax returns for a diverse range of clients.  However, our core principles have always been a focus on customer service and client relations; just because we deal in volume does not mean we forego superior quality or personalized attention.

R&G Brenner Manhattan Office (Circa 1969)

Our philosophy has enabled us to service entire families over generations.  The trust that parents place with R&G Brenner is passed onto their children, and their children’s children…and we value that trust. Our experience, as well as our focus on customer service, is the reason why we celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2016.

R&G Brenner has always been on the cutting edge of Income Tax Preparation. As part of our commitment to technological excellence we offer:

Furthermore, while our focus is on taxes, since the Affordable Care Act–also known as “ObamaCare”–has gone into effect, your taxes and your health care are now linked.  That’s why we’re offering the following services:

  • Health Care Insurance Inside & Outside of the Health Care Exchanges 
  • CADR+: Fill Prescriptions Via Phone & Reduce/Eliminate High Deductibles
  • Debt Solutions:  Loan Modifications & Reduce/Settle Outstanding Debts To Creditors

The vast majority of our tax professionals have been with us for many years.  Those who are newly hired must pass our rigorous testing process and have multiple years experience in the preparation of tax returns.  Coupled with the new IRS & NY State testing and continuing education requirements, this ensures we only offer qualified tax professionals, RTRPs, AFSPs, Enrolled Agents & C.P.A.s to our clients.  After all…

“Saving You Time And Money is What We Are All About.”

Learn how “NY’s Tax Team” can help you.

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