New York To Name Tax Delinquents

In an effort to shame those that owe the state taxes, New York has taken the extraordinary (and desperate) measure to name the 500 biggest tax delinquents (individuals & businesses) on their website

The move by the state Department of Taxation and Finance is part of a more aggressive effort to recoup some of the more than $14 billion owed to New York. Officials estimate at least $4.2 billion is recoverable and could help close next year’s projected $9.1-billion budget deficit.

Of the 250 individuals owing the most in back taxes, 33 are from Nassauand 21 from Suffolk. Among the 250 businesses owing the most in back taxes, 22 are from Nassau and 30 from Suffolk.

The site is going to be updated each month, eventually listing ALL tax delinquents regardless of how much they owe.  However, only those with at least one tax warrant out will be listed on NY’s site.

The site will be updated at the beginning of each month, according to department spokesman Brad Maione. He said information about all tax delinquents, regardless of how much they owe, will eventually be available online through a searchable database.

It remains to be seen how much the shame of being listed as a tax delinquent on will have on recouping actual fees.  However, in this day an age many businesses and individuals perform simple google searches on their potential business partners.  I am guessing that having the stain of “tax delinquent” on your name can not help your business prospects.

If you are listed on NY’s website as a tax delinquent, or you believe you are about to be listed, contact R&G Brenner as we can help you get your name removed.

Source: NY Newsday