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So what exactly is this Free Tax Return promotion all about? Well, that depends on which one you’re referring to…

H&R Block has a heavily advertised campaign that is offering a Free Tax Return and some are wondering how it is possible for them to offer such a thing. The trick is that the return will more often than not still cost the taxpayer something and is not likely to actually be “Free of Charge”.

The promotion only covers those filing the 1040EZ federal form, which is about 16 percent of H&R Block customers. The 1040EZ form covers only the very simplest tax issues. It can’t be used by anyone who has dependents, makes more than $100,000 per year, is age 65 or older, claims adjustment to income like alimony or tuition deductions, or itemizes deductions. Thus, homeowners who deduct mortgage interest or people with large charitable contributions can’t use the 1040EZ.

Those taxpayers who can file a form 1040EZ will be surprised to find out that even they will not get a “Free of Charge” tax return, because in the state of New York and the majority of other states an additional state tax return will be required. The only states that do not require an additional tax return are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.

H&R Block is confident that many of those new customers who enter offices looking for a free return will end up paying anyway—for more complex federal returns, for state returns, or for other services. Last year the average tax return at an H&R Block retail office cost $189, and executives don’t expect that to decline in 2011.

R&G Brenner offers a Free Tax Return Promotion as well, however it is quite different than our competition. You may actually be able to get a Free Tax Return*. If we prepare your taxes and you refer 3 new clients we will give your entire tax preparation fee back, up to $500. Now that is Free! If your not able to get 3 referrals you can still get money back. We will give you back $20 Each for your 1st and 2nd referral. Click here for more information about how you can get a Free Tax Return at R&G Brenner Income Tax.

*Rules apply, visit for details

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