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April 17th Deadline To Claim 2008 Refunds

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2008 Deadline Is This Sunday
2008 Deadline Is This Sunday

The deadline to file 2008 tax returns for unclaimed refunds, and 2011 tax returns with balances due for is Tuesday, April 17th.  The statute of limitations to file returns for refunds is 4 years.  Any refunds that are not claimed become the property of the IRS and/or State(s).  The IRS has over $1 Billion in unclaimed refunds averaging approximately $637.  The primary reason for the majority of these unclaimed refunds is that while many taxpayers were under the minimum earned income requirement to file, their employers still took taxes out of their paycheck; taxes that should have been refunded to them.

Therefore, if you did not file a 2008 tax return because you didn’t have to, you may have cost your self hundreds of your hard earned dollars.  Contact an R&G Brenner professional today so we can review your 2008 tax situation for free before the deadline.  We will help you file a 2008 if we find you are entitled to a refund.  Don’t let the government keep your money!