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SKYPE + R&G Brenner = Taxes Done Easy!

R&G Brenner’s own Dennis Grogan, EA was recently interviewed by SKYPE when they discovered we were using their platform to conduct remote tax interviews with our domestic and International tax clients.  As the IRS, States and taxpayers become more technolgocially savvy, video conferencing has been a way for both our clients and our tax consultants to save time and increase accuracy in preparing tax returns. At R&G Brenner, saving you time and money is what we are all about!  Thus, we are happy to embrace this trend and we see these types of remote tax interviews increasing exponentially in the future.  Here’s what SKYPE had to say:

We’re always interested in learning about new ways Skype is being used in the day-to-day business world. While we’ve heard many great Skype for business use stories from companies in a variety of industries around the globe, even we still occasionally get surprised.

Recently, we were intrigued to read that some tax consultants are making the filing process easier for current and potential clients by using Skype to conduct remote tax-preparation sessions. Although we’ve heard from professionals using Skype previously, post-tax season this year it appears to be emerging as an industry trend.

R&G Brenner Income Tax Consultants, a New York-based tax consultancy, uses Skype to connect with clients for remote and overseas appointments. Dennis Grogan, an Enrolled Agent and self-proclaimed ‘oldest trend setter’ at the firm, said he does a lot of remote consultations for clients both domestically and outside of the U.S.

“With our international customers especially, it’s actually an expectation for them that we use Skype, as it’s already a comfortable part of their day-to-day business,” he said. “Skype is very easy to use, and since our international customers often have the most difficult taxes to file it helps simplify the process.”

Several of the largest tax preparation service providers now offer video conferencing as a way to connect with their customers. Mark Ciaramitataro, vice president of products at H&R Block, recently told Investors Business Daily that the company “sees videoconferencing as a good way to engage technically savvy taxpayers,” and predicts that “in two years, videoconferencing will be a common way that individuals file their taxes.”

If you are interested in connecting to an R&G Brenner professional via SKYPE, click here to schedule a video conference appointment today!

Original Article: SKYPE Workplace Blog