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Health Care Deadline Approaching

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Get Health Care Before The 3/31 Deadline
Get Health Care Before The 3/31 Deadline

The deadline to obtain health coverage for calendar year 2014 on or outside of the NY State Health Care Exchange is March 31st, 2014.  After this date, the health care exchange and insurance companies outside of the exchange will cease offering policies for 2014.  The exchange is slated to reopen October, 2014.  However, once the health exchange reopens in October, the only policies available will be for calendar year 2015.  

If you are not eligible for an exemption, and do not obtain health care coverage by the above deadline, a penalty will be assessed on your 2014 tax return.  By 2016, this penalty can grow to over $2000 per family.  

According to a recent report, Tax Preparation companies have been leading the charge in helping their clients obtain health insurance, and R&G Brenner is no exception.  Our Vice President of Insurance, Mrs. Yasmin D. Brenner, is currently helping R&G Brenner clients obtain health insurance before the deadline deadline. To set up a FREE heath care consultation, or for any health care related questions, please click here and fill out the contact form or email Mrs. Brenner directly at