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R&G Brenner Tax Return “Cloud” Upgrade & Improvements

R&G Brenner tax + accounting Cloud Upgrade

For Immediate Release:

R&G Brenner is happy to announce we are updating and improving the “RGB Cloud”; our proprietary secure online tax return storage system.  We’ve taken many suggestions from our clients, but we hope the biggest improvement is a general overall ease of use and updated streamlined design.

Because we are dealing with older technology, we must completely take our old RGB Cloud server off-line while we transfer old tax returns to the new server, install updates and perform tests. Therefore we expect our cloud system to be off-line for about 1 week until the new server is installed & tested.

If you have an account or require access to your tax return(s) online, please contact our Customer Service Manager Lisette Campos at or directly by phone: (516) 812-0771.  Lissette will assist you in retrieving your tax returns in a timely manner while our systems are being updated.

We apologize in advance for any potential inconvenience this may cause.  We hope that our new system will more than make up for it.

Thank you,

Benjamin K. Brenner
(888) APRIL-15