Tax Season Begins; R&G Brenner Promotions Extended

Don't File By Hand, Electronically File with R&G Brenner
Don’t File By Hand, Electronically File with R&G Brenner!

The 2016 tax season has officially begun as the IRS is currently accepting tax returns for electronic filing. Many employers are mailing their wage documents earlier and/or are offering ways for employees to download their documents.  As such, we are seeing a noticeable increase in client volume at many of our R&G Brenner offices.  If you’d like to make an appointment for an early appointment, we ask that you do so as soon as you are able so we can accommodate your preferred meeting dates & times.

Furthermore, R&G Brenner is offering a slew of new products and promotions.  They have been so popular, we have already extended the deadlines for some.  Our current promotions are*:

  • $100 Cash Early Bird Special: Come to any participating R&G Brenner office, and all qualifying applicants can walk out with $100 Cash as an advance on their refund.  No Fees or Interest Apply!
  • $750 “Easy Advance” Refund Advance: Qualifying applicants who file their return as a Refund Anticipation Check (RAC) can also get a larger no-fee, no-interest $750 advance on their refund from our bank provider: Republic Bank & Trust.
  • $50 CASH For Referrals: We’ve updated our Client Rewards this year by more than doubling our cash payments for new clients referred to R&G Brenner: We will pay you $50 Cash for every new client your refer!  Plus, your cash will be available as soon as your referral files their taxes with us. There is no limit to the amount of Cash you can earn!  Click here for more info.
  • FREE Secure File Transfer: Due to the explosion of identity theft as it relates to the IRS and filing taxes, all R&G Brenner professionals are now equipped with Dropbox accounts to securely receive confidential tax information.  Click here for more info.

R&G Brenner offices are all currently opened and staffed with highly trained CPAs, EAs, RTRPs & other professionals.  If you have any questions about the above promotions, any R&G Brenner service and/or have tax related questions, please feel free to contact us.  Have a very happy & profitable New Year!

*All promotions have individual rules, qualifications & restrictions.  Click here for a list of all our promotions and click on the individual promotion for all related rules.

IRS Rewards Whistle-Blower Record Amount; $104 Million

The IRS recently awarded Bradley C. Birkenfeld a record amount of $140 Million under the new and improved Whistle-Blower program.

Mr. Birkenfeld was a former banker at UBS, and the IRS acknowledged that he was an integral source in helping expose the income shielding techniques employed by the Swiss banking system–long a destination for American tax cheats.

What makes this case so interesting is not only the high reward Mr. Birkenfeld received, but also that Mr. Birkenfeld himself is a criminal who was recently released from prison after being sentenced to 40 months for fraud and withholding information from investigators.  With nothing left to lose, Mr. Birkenfeld spilled the beans. While the IRS is technically allowed to deny Whistle-Blower rewards to those that withhold information, they were afraid that if they did, it could scare away other potential Whistle-Blowers due to the high-profile nature of this case.

It appears the IRS made the correct decision.  UBS settled its case with the United States for $740 Million and turned over the names of some 5,000 clients who potentially could have been evading taxes.  Furthermore, with the Swiss banking system now exposed, it spurred scores of taxpayers to partake in the IRS Amnesty Program–where those that have been hiding money could pay their taxes without the fear of penalties or prosecution.  The Amnesty Program has since collected over $5 Billion from UBS clients.

The question is will the IRS continue it’s practice of rewarding criminals who only come clean once they are caught?  Or will they invoke their right to deny rewards?

Source: NY Times