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Tax Tips & News: donations

Giving to Charity This Holiday Season? Here’s How to Report it on Your Taxes

4 minutes read

Reporting Charitable Deductions

The end of 2014 is just days away, and if you’re like many Americans, you are planning to give to one or more charitable organizations before the new year dawns. Around 34 percent of all charitable giving is done in the last three months of the year and slightly more than half of that is during the month of December. Giving is up substantially this year over 2013, thanks in large part to the continued national economic recovery.

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Haiti Donations Could Lower 2009 Taxes

3 minutes read

By now, everybody is aware of the sheer devastation inflicted on the people of Haiti by a massive earthquake that struck 9 days ago.  It has been estimated that in excess of 200,000 people have been killed or are still missing.  The global outpouring of aide & donations are setting records daily.  However, in an effort to reward those that have made donations to Haiti–as well as provide an incentive to those that have not–a bi-partisan bill is being introduced by the Leaders of the House Ways &...

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