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Tax Tips & News: Gift Tax

Don’t Run Afoul of the Gift Tax. –

1 minute read

Current law allows a person to give someone up to $13,000 per year without having to file a Gift Tax return, Form 709. There is usually no tax due, the giver pays any tax, at the time but the form allows the IRS to keep track of gifts made in a person’s lifetime. Upon a persons death all reportable gifts will be used in the calculation of the Estate Tax, Form 706. Under current Federal law a person is allowed a $5,000,000 estate, tax free and the gifts reported on Form 709 will count towards...

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Estate Taxes: A Time to Give and Save

3 minutes read

Estate planning is about organizing your assets which can prevent family fights and make sure that your well earned monies do not go to the government after death.  Estate planning can be complex involving various legal documents; but now is the time to take advantage of record tax savings and discuss the options with your Tax Consultant, Financial Advisor and Attorney.

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