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Tax Tips & News: government

Tax Filing Season Delayed Until January 31st

4 minutes read

IRS Accepting Returns January 31st

The IRS put everyone one notice not long after the end of the latest government shutdown that the 2014 tax filing season would be delayed by “1 or 2 weeks”.   Well not surprisingly, the IRS recently released that the first date that they will be accepting 2013 tax returns for processing will be January 31st:

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IRS Clarifies Employee Benefit Plans For Same-Sex Couples

9 minutes read

Employee Benefits Clarfied For Same-Sex Couples

In a recent landmark ruling by the Obama Administration, the federal government will recognize same-sex married couples. That means for one, married same-sex couples will no longer have to file two separate single tax returns for the IRS (however, if they currently reside in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriages, they may still have to file two separate state returns). But the IRS has not released any guidance about how employee...

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Government Shutdown Delays Tax Filing Season

2 minutes read

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October 15th Extension Deadline

1 minute read

In spite of the government shutdown that has shuttered many departments in the IRS, the deadline to file tax year 2012 returns remains October 15th. That means, even though the IRS may not be able to process your return, you still have to pay your taxes on time or risk penalties and interest for failing to file.  The IRS has issued the following tips:

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Government Shutdown Closes IRS Centers

2 minutes read

IRS Offices Closed, But You Still Need To Pay!

With the failure of congress to pass a budget, 800,000 thousand workers face furloughs and a million more are working without pay.   The IRS is one of the agencies that will be closed with walk-in IRS centers shuttered and IRS Call centers closed:

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