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Tax Tips & News: president

How to Fix an Ailing Social Security Program

5 minutes read

If Social Security Is To Be Saved, Action Must Be Taken

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Social Security program with the 1935 Social Security Act he revolutionized the way Americans would live for decades to come. While social security has served the American populace well, the system can no longer sustain itself long enough to provide the same benefits for the future generations of retirees without a major overhaul.

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Will the New Congress Be Able to Make Any Progress on Tax Reform?

4 minutes read

Tax Reform? Really?

After the November 4th elections this year, it was widely expected that Republicans would take a majority in the House and Senate. Republican leaders campaigned toward victories on promises of change, though it is unclear just how much change will actually be accomplished. While the Obama administration has for years been interested in tax reform, particularly concerning American companies using a technique called “inversion” to repatriate their profits, given the GOP’s...

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Romney Vs. Obama: Who’s Tax Plan Is Better?

1 minute read

President Obama & the republican nominee Mitt Romney have clear differences regarding their proposed tax changes.  However, there are a lot of open questions on how they actually intend to implement these changes.  Who’s plan do you favor, and who’s plan is more realistic in accomplishing their stated goals?

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