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Tax Tips & News: tax lien

Does Owing The IRS Affect Your Credit?

5 minutes read

How Paying Tax Can Affect Your Credit Score

When you are focused on improving your credit, paying on time and avoiding high amounts of debt will help you build a great credit rating. If you are not paying your taxes, or you use personal loans or credit cards to pay your taxes, your tax bill is something that could have a devastating impact on your credit rating. Missing a deadline for tax payments to the IRS could even result in a tax lien.  Here are some ways taxes can affect your credit:

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Options For Dealing With A Tax Lien

4 minutes read

Your Tax Lien Options

If you have a tax liability with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you should be aware of what a tax lien is.  A tax lien is a tool used by the IRS to enforce collection of an unpaid tax liability.  It allows the IRS to take your assets—your checking account balance, your cars, even your wages—in order to satisfy the money you owe to them.

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