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Tax Tips & News: taxpayer

Indian Police Arrest 70 In IRS Calling Scam

3 minutes read

Police in India have arrested at least 70 people involved with impersonating IRS agents at a fake call center in an attempt to defraud U.S. Taxpayers.  Hundreds more are being held for questioning.

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IRS Considers Delaying Refunds To Combat Fraud

2 minutes read

Will Refunds Be Delayed Next Year?

Acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller recently sat before a congressional panel and hinted that the best way to combat the explosion of tax fraud may be to either delay the tax filing season, or wait to release all refunds until after the filing season concludes on April 15th.

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Tax Tips: Audit Red Flags

1 minute read

The following short video reviews some important information and common mistakes that taxpayers often make which can subject their tax returns to an Audit:

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Taxpayers: Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

4 minutes read

Protect yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a huge problem for the IRS.  Last year alone, there were nearly 650,000 cases of Identity Theft reported to the IRS.  Some believe the skyrocketing amount of cases are a direct result that the IRS now requires all tax returns to be filed electronically.  The IRS has implemented “digital safeguards” this year to intercept returns which they deem have a high probability of identity theft, and have deployed a task force of 3,000...

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Taxpayer Identity Theft Explodes

6 minutes read

ID Theft On The Rise

By Amy Feldman

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