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Tax Tips & News: treasury

IRS Chief: Taxpayers To Begin Feeling Sequester Pinch

3 minutes read

Cuts Are Hurting The Entire US Recovery; Not Just the IRS

Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller stated recently, that taxpayers will soon start feeling the effects of the Sequester now that the tax season has ended.  Deep cuts to IRS Staffing will impact taxpayers calling the IRS, as well as the agency’s ability to combat fraud and collect tax revenues.

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Tax Pitfalls To Avoid When Investing In Funds

14 minutes read

Beware Of Fund Tax Implications

Even if it is too late to do anything about this year’s returns, it is a good time to start planning for next year’s. At the root of the most common blunders are three types of taxable fund payouts: interest income, dividends and capital gains. While all three are subject to a complex web of tax rates and regulations, investors can limit their tax bills by understanding their funds, planning carefully and staying abreast of tax changes in Washington....

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