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Tax Tips & News: Trump Tax Cuts

What Are The Effects of the New Trump Tax Cuts?

5 minutes read

How Will the New Tax Cuts Effect Me?

Whatever one chooses to call them–tax cuts or tax reform–there may be some big changes to your tax return in the future.  Below are some key takeaways to consider when developing a tax plan to minimize what could be steep tax increases in the future:

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Who Benefits From Trump’s Tax Plan?

8 minutes read

While the details are just emerging and the final plan is sure to change, the tax overhaul that Trump & the Republican party recently unveiled has clear beneficiaries; and early indications are it is NOT the “middle class”.  In fact, according to this analysis, Trump’s tax plan will see the majority of the benefits—i.e. tax cuts— to the rich; particularly the top 1% & 0.1%.

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