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Worried About Tax Liabilities and


Evaluate your risk here.

This quiz can help taxpayers assess their risk for unexpected tax liabilities or IRS penalties based on their current and past financial circumstances. Understanding your risk is the first step to remedying any tax problem.


Why Take This Quiz?

2020 was the most complicated tax year in decades. The sudden changes to tax law brought on by the pandemic could mean you were unknowingly subject to additional tax liabilities. New tax liabilities can easily fall through the cracks, especially if you file without the help of a tax professional.

The upcoming 2021 filing season isn’t much less complicated than 2020, and you don’t want to be blindsided by a big tax bill from new liabilities, or penalties from the IRS based on any taxes you neglected to pay last season. This quiz can help you understand your risk, so if you have any filing errors or delinquencies you can get a jump on correcting them.