IRS is Putting Tax Refunds on Debit Cards

The IRS is sending out letters to hundreds of thousands of taxpayers about their new Debit Card program.  The program is for low income taxpayers who do not have bank accounts.

The Internal Revenue Service encourages taxpayers to have their tax refunds deposited directly into bank accounts. For those without bank accounts, the debit cards will allow them to avoid check-cashing fees.

The debit card is beneficial because tax refunds tend to come back quicker with direct deposit rather than receiving a check due to the processing time for mail to be delivered.  Those who receive their debit card from the IRS can withdraw their funds at certain ATMs that are in the MoneyPass network at no charge.  Follow this link to find an ATM that is in the MoneyPass Network.

“This innovative card can be used for everyday financial transactions, such as receiving wages by direct deposit, withdrawing cash, making purchases, paying bills and building savings safely and conveniently, giving users more control over their financial futures,” Wolin said.