DIY Tax Software

Are you thinking of doing your own taxes?

A recent comparison of the top three Tax Preparation Softwares showed that there was little difference between them.  In fact one of the features they share was the opportunity to upgrade to the next level of software from within your return.  One goes as far as offering a review of your return by a living breathing tax preparer… this says to me that the designers of this software don’t necessarily think you should be preparing your own taxes.  Another software offers an enrolled agent to appear with you at the IRS if you are audited.  That may be a nice offer, but if they think it is necessary to provide that, what is the software doing for you?

If you have been thinking about preparing your own tax return this year, please consider it carefully.  The tax laws are complex and they change every year so the only real way to make sure your taxes are done correctly is to see a professional who has studied these laws.  If you have tried to do your taxes on your own and are feeling uncertain as to whether they were done correctly you can come to any R&G Brenner office and get a FREE TAX REVIEW of your last three years taxes.  We will check the returns for accuracy and make sure that you claimed all the possible deductions or credits.  It’s never too late to call the professionals.