Overlooked Tax Deductions

When you plan to come in to do your taxes make sure to bring all of your information and mention any purchases or payments made throughout the tax year that may help you save money on your income taxes.  Some of the items to remember are:

  • Education Expenses Including Tuition, Books and Fees
  • Contributions to an IRA
  • Student Loan Interest Paid, even if it’s paid by Mom and Dad.
  • Installation of Insulation, Windows, or Exterior doors for your primary residence
  • Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses
  • Medical Expense
  • Moving Expenses
  • Job Search Expenses

These are some items that can help you save money on your taxes if you can qualify to claim the expense or receive the credit.   So make sure to mention anything you think may assist in lowering your taxes and let the professionals help you determine what you can qualify for.