IRS To Process Depreciation & Education Credits This Week

IRS To Accept Returns With Form 8863 Feb. 14th

The IRS has announced that as of February 10th, they will begin accepting tax returns with form 4562 (Depreciation & Amortization) attached. Furthermore, as of February 14th, tax returns with form 8863 (Education Credits) will be accepted for processing by the IRS as well.  The tax filing season this year was delayed until January 30th this year, however many taxpayer’s returns were delayed even further due to the IRS’ refusal to process forms 4562 & 8863.  This is welcome news to those that rely heavily on their tax refunds.

If you’d like any more information about which forms are now open for submission to the IRS, and which forms are still delayed, contact an R&G Brenner professional today.


    I filed my income taxes on 2/11/2013. It says it is still being processed. I did file an education credit but this is rediculous. Has anyone else had these same problems?

  • Unfortunately yes. There are many taxpayers (not just those that filed form 8863) that are still waiting on their refunds. You can check out their stories in the comments section here:

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