IRS Experiencing System Errors

IRS1The IRS’ new “Modernized E-File Production (MeP) & Assurance Testing Systems” have been experiencing retrieval errors this past week.  The IRS issued the following statement on their website:

ETIN Retrieval Errors (Posted 2:00 pm, Eastern on 4/12/2013)

The Modernized e-File Production and Assurance Testing Systems are experiencing an issue with ETIN Retrieval errors that started around 12:00 noon Eastern Time. The IRS is working to resolve the problem as a top priority. Please refrain from accessing the MeF Production and ATS systems to transmit submissions, get acknowledgements, retrieve state submissions, send state acknowledgements or submit any other service requests until further notice.

The IRS will issue a Technical QuickAlert when the MeF system is operational.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

This means that no tax return can be electronically filed during this time.  This is at least the second time this week that the MeF systems have been down for an extended period of time.  With all the problems related to the delay of this tax season & tax forms/credits due to the fiscal cliff, continued MeF outages is the last thing the IRS (and taxpayers) need with only 3 days left to the tax deadline.


The IRS has issued the following alert that the MeF system is now operational and accepting all tax returns.

MeF Alerts:

Update – Resolution of ETIN Retrieval Errors (Posted 12:00am, Eastern, 4/13/2013)

The IRS successfully resolved the issue causing the ETIN Retrieval errors impacting the Modernized e-File Production and Assurance Testing Systems.
Please resume transmitting submissions, transmitting other service requests, and retrieving acknowledgements.

We thank you for your patience and support.

The status of the IRS’ MeF system can be checked by clicking here.