How To Prevent The IRS From Delaying Your Refund

Many taxpayers believe that their tax refunds are “found” money.  But a tax refund is simply an over-collection of taxes by your employer.  Watch this video to find out how to adjust your tax withholding to reduce the amount of money withheld so the IRS has less or no money to refund you in future tax seasons, and increase your weekly paychecks.

The downside for some taxpayers is that they enjoy getting a nice refund.  In many ways, they treat the IRS like a bank.  However, when you consider you can do the same with a little diligence and actually take the extra money from your weekly checks and deposit them into a real bank (that actually pays interest no less), and that the IRS is auditing and delaying more refunds, this should be an attractive alternative for many taxpayers.

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