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NY State Unemployment No Longer Mailing 1099s

As of 2016, New York State is no longer mailing 1099 forms. If you've received unemployment benefits in the previous tax year, here's how you can obtain your 1099 form.

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Since the 2016 tax year, the New York State Department of Labor no longer mails 1099G forms to their unemployment beneficiaries. Those that receive unemployment may still receive a mailed 1099, however they must be requested by calling the New York State Department of Labor directly at (888) 209-8124 and following the automated instructions (you don't need to speak to a representative).

Since all NY recipients are required to have an account, downloading or printing a copy of your 1099G is easy:

Please note that Tax form 1099G will no longer be mailed yearly to you. You are able to view and print your 1099G for calendar year 2020 (and prior) by logging in with your NY.GOV ID, then click on Unemployment Services and View/Print your 1099G.

It's important to include your unemployment benefits on your tax return. Failure to do so may result in an underpayment of tax liability, penalties and/or interest charged to the tax payer. Do not assume that because New York State didn't mail 1099s as in years past, that you don't have a 1099 for this tax year. If you are unsure, call the number above, log into your account, or contact us for additional assistance.

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