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2018 Tax Outlook for R&G Brenner Clients

R&G Brenner Tax Preparers 2018

Dear R&G Brenner Clients,

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “the only thing certain in life is death & taxes”.  Well this year it would be more appropriate to say “the only thing certain in life, is uncertainty about your taxes”. Congress just passed a $1.5 TRILLION tax bill that is causing confusion & anxiety; especially for residents of New York, California, New Jersey, Connecticut & other residents of states with high state & local income tax. The Health Care law is in limbo, but the IRS is still enforcing the penalty for not having health care. And identity theft is spreading at an alarming rate; $16 BILLION was stolen from 15.4 MILLION U.S. consumers last year! We’re approaching this tax season as we approached the last few years.  In other words, R&G Brenner has anticipated these types of tax related S.N.A.F.U.s and we are prepared to combat any refund delays as well as the extreme rise of identity theft with the following new products & promotions*:

Get Up to a $2,500 Refund Advance…TODAY!
$2,500 is twice the refund advance amount that we offered last year.  The IRS just announced that taxpayers claiming EITC & Child Tax Credit will have to wait until March to get their refund through regular filing!  Don’t worry, come in today and qualified applicants can walk out with up to a $2,500 advance on your refund.   We’ve already issued almost $100,000 in refund advances; get yours today!

Get up to $300 Cash “Early Bird Special”
With R&G Brenner’s client loyalty program, get up to an additional $300 SAME DAY cash advance when you file with R&G Brenner before 2/15/18.  No interest & No Fees! Approved applicants are required to file their tax return as a Refund Transfer*.

RGB Shield
Identity theft–especially concerning taxes & the IRS--is an ever increasing problem affecting millions of taxpayers each year. For only $65, get 1 year of identity theft protection at a 50% discount ($120 retail) and also receive FREE Audit protection. This includes protection for any penalties, interest & unpaid tax liability up to $2,500 for 3 years!  This is a special offer only for our clients. Protect yourself and your family with RGB Shield.

$50 CASH per Referral: Last year we paid out over $100,000 to clients just like you.  For every new client you refer, you get $50 CASH! Remember: There is no limit to how many clients you can refer. Taxes may never be fun, but they are rewarding with R&G Brenner. Click here to start referring and earning cash.

All R&G Brenner offices are open and ready to assist you.  If you’d like to discuss any tax related matter—or would like to set up an early meeting to discuss your taxes—just click the “book appointment” button below or feel free to call us toll free at (888) APRIL-15.  I wish you and your family a very happy new year and we hope to see you soon.

Very Truly Yours,

Benjamin K. Brenner
R&G Brenner Income Tax