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Tax Tips & News: estate

Inheritance & Estate Tax 101

3 minutes read

Inheritance Vs. Estate Taxes

If you have recently inherited a large sum of money, you may have some questions about the inheritance tax, and whether or not it will affect you this tax season. Before you worry about having to pay an inheritance tax, read on to find out what exactly an inheritance tax is, whether your state requires you to pay an inheritance tax, and whether you qualify for an exemption.

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Married Same Sex Couples Can File Joint Tax Returns

3 minutes read

IRS: Marriage Is Marriage!

In a landmark ruling announced by the Obama administration, married same-sex couples shall be treated as any other legally married couple–at least in the eyes the Internal Revenue Service for tax purposes.  This announcement follows and is consistent with the recent Supreme Court ruling which struck down the constitutionality of The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which only recognized “marriage” between that of a man and a woman.

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NY Will Issue Estate Tax Refunds To Gay Couples

1 minute read

Cuomo: Estate Tax Refunds For Gay Couples

When NY State adopted same sex marriage in 2011, the estate tax was also removed for legally wed couples.  But now, The NY State Supreme court has gone one step further and ruled to refund  estate taxes collected from any gay couple going as far back as tax year 2008:

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