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Tax Tips & News: minimum wage

What California and Kansas Can Teach Us about the Laffer Curve and Tax Theory

4 minutes read

The Real Laffer Curve?

Since the economic collapse that began in 2008, politicians and lawmakers all across the United States have been on the move to enact policy that will stimulate the economy and bring back jobs. Tax policy has inevitably become part of this national discussion. The Laffer Curve, an economics theory that posits that cutting taxes is beneficial for economic stimulation, has been put to the test in two real life scenarios that have played out in Kansas and California....

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Automatic Tips To Be Treated As Taxable Wages

4 minutes read

“Gratuity Included” Going Extinct?

We’ve all been out to a restaurant and received a bill where gratuity–usually around 18%–was included in the bill.  This routinely occurs when larger groups dine together.  However, this practice may be going extinct as a change in the tax rules starting January 1st, 2014 will view automatic gratuities as a “service charge”, which opens them up to be taxed as wages.

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