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Tax Tips & News: Where's My Refund? (3)

TurboTax/Intuit V.P. Acknowledges Program Miscalculations

1 minute read

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Charles Freret, the following fax was sent by the Vice President of TurboTax.  If you are a taxpayer that has used Turbotax and filed with a 1099R for tax years 2007, 2008 or 2009, you should contact Mr. Meighan via fax at 858-408-2714

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IRS Has 1.3 Billion In Unclaimed Refunds!

2 minutes read

The IRS has reported that more than 1.4 million tax payers are due over $1.3 BILLION in unclaimed refunds because they have not filed a 2006 tax return.  These refunds are still available, but only if a 2006 tax return is filed before April 15th, 2010.  After that, the government gets to keep your refunds.

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New York State To Delay Refunds…Again!

3 minutes read

It appears that for the third year in a row, NY state is planning on delaying refunds to New York taxpayers. The last two years, the state was savvy in delaying refunds by issuing a blanket letter requesting “additional documentation” in order to release refunds.  However, in many cases, the state already had all the documentation in order to process refunds.  In light of the current budget crisis, it appears New York State can no longer beat around the bush.

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New Yorkers Still Waiting for State Tax Refund Checks

3 minutes read

Queens therapist Tracie James filed her state income tax return last month.

Brooklyn customer service rep Marcia Clement filed hers a few weeks later.

And Sharon Jenkins, a Manhattan receptionist, sent off hers even earlier – in the beginning of January.

James, Clement and Jenkins have something in common, though they wish they didn’t. They still haven’t received their state tax refunds.

“We don’t know what the holdup is, but whatever it is, it’s unfair,” Jenkins, 38, said. “They don’t have any...

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Haven’t received your New York State refund? Did you know?

18 minutes read

“If an application for refund or credit is filed with the commissioner of taxation and finance… the commissioner of taxation and finance shall grant or deny such application in whole or in part within 6 months of receipt of the application…”

“If any overpayment of tax…credited or refunded within 45 days after the last date prescribed for filing the return of such tax…or within 45 days after such return was filed, whichever is later…, no interest shall be allowed under this section on any such...

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Budget crises put refund checks on hold

4 minutes read

You’ve probably heard before that if you’re getting a big, fat tax refund check, you’re doing something wrong. Now there’s a new reason to fine-tune those payroll withholding elections. The economic meltdown is hitting statehouses around the country so hard that some are holding their residents’ tax refund checks hostage.

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