Tax Filing Deadline Extended But Beware

The IRS has extended the deadline to submit your 2010 income tax returns to Monday 4/18/11.  New York State has also adopted the extended filing date and will accept 2010 tax returns as on time if electronically filed or mailed on or by Monday 4/18.

Rumor has it that a popular radio station in the New York area has given the wrong information and stated that NYS tax returns are due on the regular filing date, however this is incorrect.  Both Federal and NYS tax returns are due on the extended filing date for the current tax filing.

LATE FILERS BEWARE: The extended deadline only applies to the current tax year.  If you are filing a 2007 tax return that is due a refund you will only have until today 4/15/11 to submit it on time to receive your refunds.    The deadline is not extended on late tax returns so make sure to send in those tax returns and have them postdated today.