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Tax Tips & News: new york

Tax Refunds Down Over 8%

0 minute read

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NY Suspending Drivers Licenses For Those That Fail To Pay Taxes

3 minutes read


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Delayed NY State Refunds Ready By August?

2 minutes read

NY State Says All Refunds By August

According to the New York State Department of Finance and Taxation, the remainder of all delayed refunds should be ready by “early August”:

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Deputized Inspector General’s Office Access to Tax Returns May Be Illegal

5 minutes read

IG's Office Deputized

NY tax commissioner Thomas Mattox recently deputized the entire staff of the NY Inspector General’s office in what is a being dubbed a pre-emptive “crime fighting” move.  What was meant to be a quite ceremony has caused a stir because the new powers granted to the IG’s office allows them the ability to look at NY state employee’s tax returns–and potentially any other NY tax return that they dub “relevant” to an investigation–without the taxpayers consent.  Mind you,...

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Arizona Bills $53 Million

1 minute read

Arizona Wants $53 Million In Sales Taxes

The State of Arizona is taking the first crack at trying to collect sales tax from–the biggest online discount retailer.  According to a filing with the SEC, Arizona calculated that Amazon owes the state & various cities $53 Million in uncollected taxes from March 1st, 2006 through December 31st 2010.

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NJ & NY Ranked Worst Tax Climates For Business

2 minutes read

According to the Tax Foundation–a Washington D.C. based research firm–New Jersey & New York Sates were ranked the worst climates in the United States for business.

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