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Ever wonder where your tax dollars go?

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The White House has created an online tool that allows users to enter how much taxes they paid and get a printable receipt showing how each dollar was spent.  Whether your happy about where your tax dollars are going or it makes you a little unsettled to know, curiosity may be too strong not to try it.

Try it for yourself and see…   Get Your Tax Receipt

If you’re trying to figure out how much of your tax dollars went to bail out the banks etc. it may be hard to find since it was lumped in with other categories.

For example the online tax receipt seems to reduce billions of dollars pumped into Fannie and Freddie. The, White House says that’s because the figure is being offset with the money banks already returned from the Troubled Asset Relief Program bailout. That’s explained in a footnote that appears when users hover their mouse over the linked text.

A White House official said that they lumped expenditures in the “additional” category, because the expenses didn’t fit elsewhere — not to obscure the cost of programs.”

Thought the receipt system may not be as transparent as some would desire it is still interesting to see.